CSC Acquisition Of ServiceMesh Is Good News To Investors And Users

A few years ago, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) acquired the startup ServiceMesh. CSC, a US-based company which offers IT services, acquired ServiceMesh so as to bolster its offerings and to transform itself into a next-generation IT company.

CSC is ranked among the world’s leading IT services provider. It has operations in about 70 countries and employs more than 89,000 people. Some the regions it has operations in include Europe, Asia and North America.

ServiceMesh offers an enterprise cloud management platform, allowing users to access self-service IT operating models on-demand. This helps CSC’s client to migrate and manage their applications to the cloud more seamlessly.

The goal of CSC in acquiring ServiceMesh is to better catalogue enterprise applications. ServiceMesh also helps in managing and configuring the applications to run on different cloud platforms based on their characteristics.

ServiceMesh allows users to manage applications and platforms across all types of cloud models: public, private and hybrid. This gives the users the option of choosing the option that best serves their needs. ServiceMesh was started by serial entrepreneur Eric Pulier.

Eric Pulier is a prolific techpreneur and a visionary. Over the years, he has founded or co-founded numerous companies. The fifteen companies he has founded have raised hundreds of millions and earned more in revenue. He also writes for TheCrimson.

Among the companies he has founded include Digital Evolution, Media Platform, Desktone, US interactive, ServiceMesh and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. The Enterprise Leadership Council was later merged into TM Forum. This PDF also discusses the CEO.

System administrators love ServiceMesh as it provides an integrated point of control. The ServiceMesh Agility Platform provides a unified, policy-driven control point for security, governance and compliance. ServiceMesh has an impressive list of customers in various industries including healthcare, financial services and other strictly regulated industries.

For CSC clients, the acquisition has provided them with more variety. It has also enabled them to leverage existing computing resources while being able to integrate new technology to exploit the latest advances and offerings.

It provides them with an easy way to manage their cloud-based platforms and applications easily. Given that security and compliance are a big issue for businesses in strictly regulated industries, ServiceMesh is a Godsend. It ensures compliance and secures computing resources while enabling users to reap the benefits of cloud computing.

For investors, the acquisition is full of promise. Acquiring ServiceMesh has helped CSC cement its position as an IT provider. It has also enabled CSC to offer more services in the crowded but rapidly growing field of cloud computing.

In the short-term, CSC acquires ServiceMesh clients, which translates to increased revenue. In the long-term, the acquisition increases CSC’s competitiveness in the cloud-computing arena, which is only bound to grow as time progresses.

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