The World Record Attorney of Dan Newlin

An attorney is always working to win a case for the client. While others focus on just winning, Dan Newlin is above the cut as he emphasizes on customer benefits. The idea of being aggressive to win cases which are tricky has also put him on world limelight. He has remained a historic attorney who protects the rights of the clients. Over the years, Dan has continued to step up his commitment to serve and offer satisfaction to all the clients.
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Expanding the law firm

A common attorney will just represent a client in court, pocket their money and go home and wait for more clients. This is different for Dan, he has continued to make a follow up on cases which seem a mountain to climb. In a case where a teen was injured in the brain, Dan made relentless efforts until the teen was compensated with $100 million. Although the case took nearly two years, it did not fail. The milestone ruling in Orange County was a message to the lawbreakers that they will not get away without facing the full force of the law. This historic win became news to many and a testimony that as a personal injury attorney, Dan is a customer based lawyer. Check out this article on Findlaw.

An inspirational attorney

The success of Dan has been finely polished with the revolutionary program of a miracle project. In 2012, seven children got a miracle after sharing a moment with World Champion Evander Holyfield. The children who were battling cancer remained grateful for meeting such an icon courtesy of this first class attorney. This is because they met a world heavy weight who has overcome challenges but still made a big win in his field. The children were thus encouraged that they can be great despite their current state.

Communication made seamless

With the world moving to an era of instant communication, Dan has ensured that his law firm is in line with the needs of the clients. This has been made possible through the launch of a #Dan, through which clients can call his office and get helped. This dialing code is has added great value to the company as it is efficient and easy to remember. By embracing new technologies in the legal service, he has shown his commitment to move with the changing world of technology.

Services offered

Over the years, Dan Newlin law firm has specialized in offering excellent services. This includes areas of medical malpractice, personal injury and the compensation of workers. In Injuries and accident for different victims, he has recovered $150 million. He started as a firefighter and he continues to put off the fire of fear in clients through a winning assurance. This makes the Orlando based attorney who has also opened an office in Chicago, a legal world champion.

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