What it means to be the Founder of a Corporation like the Computer Sciences Corporation

Eric Pulier has always shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of business, as evident with the Computer Sciences Corporation. As a very sharp and astute thinker, he knows opportunity when he sees it, and when he sees it he grabs it. A Harvard graduate, he jumped headfirst into the world of technology with the Computer Sciences Corporation which wowed investors who eventually purchased it for an undisclosed multimillion dollar sum. Pulier has continued this trend throughout his entire career, building 16 other groundbreaking enterprise software startups, essentially revolutionizing the way and ease in which corporations manage the digital parts of their business.

Pulier’s vision is a profound one. He always seems to have the magic touch when it comes to impressing investors into purchasing large sums of his enormously profitable businesses. Over the lifetime of his career, he has received over one half billion dollars from top venture capitalists and angel investors to help aid the process of developing each of his many enterprises. The financial returns that Eric enabled each of his investors to attain with the sale of the Computer Sciences Corporation is staggering, so much that the world of venture capital did everything they could to recruit Eric to become a fellow venture capitalist in hopes that they he would make their businesses more successful, and he did.

Eric Pulier is known as the industry’s number one rainmaker, which is evident with the research and development that he conducted to establish the computer sciences Corporation into a company that changed the way that executives looked at enterprise software. Lots of early-stage businesses have gone to Eric personally, asking for his help and advice. The companies who showed strength in character and promise were drafted and groomed under the tutelage of Eric Pulier and his team of brilliant rainmakers. His angel investing career has earned him quite a large sum of money and an enormous amount of money he donates to philanthropic charities and causes that peak his interest. He’s also written this book.

As a devoted activist, Eric has always cherished his ability to change and move the world, one person at a time. Whether it is in business or the world of philanthropy, Eric has shown a great amount of devotion and dedication to improving the way others live through technology which is obviously the premise for the Computer Sciences Corporation.

Eric Pulier, with a background of writing columns for the Harvard Crimson, learned what it means to take something that is often glossed over and make it into something extraordinary because that is what creative types do. He simply applies that same mentality to technology and with enormous success, if I do say so myself. Eric Pulier was a great CEO for ServiceMesh.

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