Transforming a Businesswoman into the Corporate Business World

Efforts to achieve gender equality in businesses are overwhelming; however, societal gender stereotypes always get into the way of the progress. The society never let women assume positions of leadership, where they can lead changes in social and economic landscape. Nevertheless, the 21st century has been marked with tremendous changes from the traditional social stereotypes to greater recognition of female gender in legislation, which has pulled down traditional gender-role division.

Currently, more women are socially active and financially independent than before, thanks to the evolutionally changes. Enterprises that embrace gender balance are reported to benefit more that those who have not. Those that place women in managerial posts are said to benefit even more than those who have men in those positions. This is not to say that men are worse managers, rather to suggest that women possess some innate qualities such as the ability to multi-task, which men lack.

The Competitive Advantages of Businesswomen

A businesswoman charged with managerial responsibility can receive calls from prospective investors, check and reply mails as well as respond to inquiries in the office apparently at the same time. Eagle Outfitters Company is an example of a once gender biased firm,which now enjoys the fruits of employing gender-diversified employment system. Susan McGalla on johnkokishpc, the founder and CEO of P3 Executive Consulting Corporation, is the goddess that transformed the old biased perception about women, by becoming the first female president of the company. When she first joined the firm, she was placed in charge of sales and marketing and every other employee was male. This setting did not deter Susan from excelling in her career and subsequently ascending from one managerial post to the other. McGalla is a marketing expertise by profession having graduated from Mount Union College.

Importance of Gender Diversity

Gender diversity is an issue than not only affects the economy of an organization but also the economy of the nation as a whole. The economy of a country or organization stands out best when the pool of talent is diversified. Studies shows deeper and more connected relation between excellent financial performance and the gender diversity of a company, that is, the greater the diversity the greater the performance

Ways of Empowering a Businesswoman

The best way to empower the society,particularly the woman community, is through training them on income-generating skills such as sewing, farming, bee keeping among others. The skills will enable them become self-reliant by setting up small businesses where they practice their skills. Another way is disbursing funding that will enable them start or expand their businesses. The funding can be made available through cooperative grouping where they keep their saving and in return, they are given loans with subsidized interests.

In conclusion, gender equality is an important aspect in work places, which contributes immensely to the prosperity of the economy of nation. Businesses should strive to achieve it because it is only the right thing to do but also for the foundation of a productive and prosperous economy.

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