Brad Reifler: A New Approach to Business

To succeed in the very competitive business world of today, a person must look at their situation and be open to taking a new approach to things. Far too often, people in business get stuck on one idea and never deviate from it. As a result, they and their companies can often lag behind the competition and many times never catch up. However, that has never been the case with Brad Reifler. As the founder and CEO of numerous companies over 30 years including Reifler Trading Company, Pali Capital, and Forefront Capital Management, he has always been willing to try new approaches to situations in an effort to keep his companies ahead of the competition. And judging by how his companies have performed, it’s clear this approach has worked very well.

Knowing his competitors are always trying to make it to the top, Brad works tirelessly to ensure his company stays ahead of everyone else. Knowing it takes a combination of great employees and great ideas to succeed, he regularly consults with many of today’s economic and financial industry leaders in an effort to discover new ways of doing business. By speaking with economists from Europe and Asia, business executives from Fortune 500 companies, and investment bankers from Wall Street, he always stays abreast of the latest news and ideas that are being used to make the world economy stronger. Wikipedia shows that by listening to others and then putting his own unique spin on their ideas, Brad has been able to show the world of high finance a different way of doing things. By thinking in this manner, both Brad and his investors have profited greatly over the years. As he continues working to ensure Forefront Capital stays on top, he will no doubt use many more innovative ideas along the way.

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