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Brian Mulligan is at present the head of Brooknol Advisers, which is an entertainment, media, and sports advisory company. He has held the chairmanship, CEO, and COO position of almost every entertainment vertical for all major companies over an extended period. He was also a co- chairman of Universal Pictures, Chairman of FOX Broadcasting, CEO of Universal Television, and Senior Executive Adviser of Boston Consulting. Brian Mulligan has also been the vice chairman of Media and Telecom of Money Center Bank. He has worked extensively with the private equity.

Brian Mulligan is well known as an expert in sports, recorded music, film, television, music publishing, broadcast, video games, international entertainment, theme parks, media, and the structuring of the companies for the long term benefits. As of now, he is a member of Digital Round table that is based in LA. He is also a member of sports business institute, media round table, and the international entertainment. At one time, he was classified as one of the most powerful people in Hollywood. He has been one of the most prominent bankers in the Hollywood. According to Los Angeles Business Journal, he has been one of the leading investment banks specializing in the business models that are emerging.

Brian Mulligan has been actively involved in charities. One of the charities he has been aggressively concerned with includes “A Better LA”. The foundation helped to raise substantial amount of money that was to be used for schools, City of Hope, MCA PAC Democratic, Republican Supporters of the Arts, United Way, YMCA, USC Marshall Scholarship Fund, UCLA Anderson Dean Society, USC School of Cinema, SCB film festival among many other charities. Academically, Brian Mulligan has worked hard to earn several CPA certificates, which include one for Global Management. He has been able to earn FINRA 63 and also 79 licenses. At UCLA, he did earn his MBA and also he has a BS from USC. Brian Mulligan has been a coach of the youth tackles football and also basketball. Through his active involvement in sports, he was able to serve as a commissioner of basketball leagues for the youth. He has a track record that is admirable and also a blend of experience that has been able to complement the existing strengths of the teams he has joined. His smartness can be seen when one reads one of his articles, which he writes on the market trends in the segment of sports and entertainment industry.

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