Joseph Bismark Pledges to Uphold Human Rights

Yahoo Finance recently released an article about the QI Group as a member of the United Nations Global Compact Network – the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Within this adoption, QI pledged to adopt sustainable and responsible business practices under the UN initiative at the 2015 CSR summit. The accepting of the principles of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption help show QI’s initiative in good practices and sustainable business and social success. Joseph Bismark stated that “being a registered member of the UNGC is an honor and a privilege.”

The QI Group is a multinational conglomerate made up of businesses across multiple countries including Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia where human rights are most stressed. Therefore, Bismark’s hope is that “these practices will in turn, increase transparency and accountability which are valuable for good corporate governance.”

Joseph Bismark is the founding Director of the QI group. He founded QI Limited in 1998 and took on the title of Managing Director in 2008. Bismark has successfully merged spirituality and corporations into one. He has built a community and environment where peace of mind and support has been fostered.

As the Managing Director of QI Group, he has focused his sights on Qnet, a subsidiary of the group. At Qnet he’s been able to build a dynamic marketing and product development environment which has taken the company to new heights. He is constantly pursuing knowledge of all things in life including being a philosopher, yoga instructor, bonsai master and martial arts enthusiast. His philosophy on life only furthers the reasoning why QI Group and the UNGC are a natural fit.

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