We all know there is a bible out there. Did you know there is a bible when it comes to makeup and beauty. It’s true. Those of you who are investing in good beauty regiments, must abide by certain protocols.

The protocols we will be looking at today are with the lipsticks. We all love to wear lipstick. We even find ourselves trying on different colors, just to see what works. To help save you some time, I have enclosed some simple commandments to follow when choosing or wearing a lipstick.

1) Begin with a fresh pair of lips. It’s a good idea to exfoliate your lips about once or twice a week. Just take some salt and almond oil. Finish off with some balm. This will give your lips a fresh look, not to mention cleaner look.

2)Look for colors that have more of a cream finish. Some like to go for the “sparkle” look. This is okay, but only to a point. Too much shimmer will have you looking cheap. The trick is to have the look coming from the moisture in the lipstick, not the pigments.

3)When choosing a bright color, match it to your lip color. A mistake that many girls(and guys) make is they match it to their skin tone. The natural color of your lips is different than your skin tone. Remember this when choosing a bright color. There can be such a thing as “too bright.” If your lips are too bright, it will throw the rest of your face off.

4)Some of you like to try the “vampire” look. This means you use mostly darker tones, tones like blacks. This might look cool at first, but it won’t in the end. These darker colors might scare a few people off. Try to choose something a little less severe, while still maintaining that “dark” look. Use a “berry” color instead. This color won’t age you as much either. You can still be bold and daring, while still coming across understated.

5)Use a pencil to detail the underlining of your lips. Lip liner is not so popular anymore. This might sound contradictory to what others have said, but it’s true. A simple lip pencil can be more effective.

6)Do not over do it. This is another common mistake that many make. Apply the lipstick to your bottom lips. Take your mouth and press it all together. Finish off by using your fingertips to smooth it all out. Simple and easy is the key here.


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