Advertising Fever In Brazil

Most big advertising companies have a branch in Brazil for a good reason: Brazilians just excel at advertising. They are incredibly creative people in an emerging market which happens to also be one of the top markets in the world. That means that there is also a need for advertising, there is room for for advertisers and combining those two with the creativity for advertising that Brazil naturally possesses, and there is a perfect recipe for advertisement companies. Also, Brazilians are enthralled with advertising as much as Americans are with Hollywood or reality television. Finally, advertising is becoming bigger and bigger in Brazil because younger Brazilians are becoming increasingly interested in starting up their own companies, and many of these young independent business owners are jumping into advertising hoping they can become like Claudio Loureiro, the CEO of Heads advertising company.

Brazilians are creative people for a number of reasons, but it is important to identify the main reason for creativity, and when the conclusion is reached then it is easy to understand. Brazilians are emotional and passionate people. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why this is though. Maybe it is in there genetics from a combination of their native and European DNA, but the emotion and creativity is there. Brazilians can go to sporting events, and they can just enjoy the pure emotional release regardless of winning or losing better than any other culture on earth. A trip to Sao Paulo to tour some of the graffiti will open the eyes to the creativity that even the delinquents or gang members possess. A definitive example of the passion they have is Carnival. The people will spend an entire year creating constructing an extravagant float just to trash it after using it one night.

Being passionate, emotional and creative means that the population appreciates advertisers as well. In fact, many Brazilians have turned the lives of models and advertising producers into an obsession the same way the North America has done for its television and reality stars. says their gossip rags are routinely filled with a majority of stories features their favourite men and women from the advertising world. There was even an advertising producer that was kidnapped, and he was held for ransom for two months back in 2002. This creativity and obsession with advertising culture has bred a desire to start other things as well.

Many younger Brazilians are starting companies from an advertisers perspective instead of a desire to produce content, or they wish to simply be great advertisers like Claudio Loureio. Claudio is the CEO of the biggest privately owned advertising agency in Brazil called Heads. Heads and Claudio both have a sterling reputation among peers and advertising fans.

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