Learn More About the Struggles and Achievements of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is a defector from North Korea and also a human rights activist on She escaped to China in 2007, and she settled in South Korea in 2009. Her family is well educated and politically connected that had turned to black market trading in 1990’s during the collapse of North Korea. When her father was sentenced to serve in a labor camp, her family experienced many difficulties including starvation. They decided to flee to China where Park Yeonmi and her mother fell into the hands of ruthless human traffickers. They eventually managed to escape to Mongolia. Currently, she is a strong advocate for victims of human trafficking, and she also works hard to enhance human rights not only in North Korea but the entire globe.

Park became famous when she delivered an exciting speech at a summit in Dublin Ireland. The summit gathers a lot of young people from various parts of the world, so that they can provide solutions and ideas to various world issues. Her speech on the young world summit received more than 2 million views on YouTube. After the escape, Park has spoken and also written about her life experiences in North Korea. Park has written for the Washington Post, and she has also been interviewed by the Guardian. She is known to volunteer for activist programs such as the free market think tank that is based in South Korea and the freedom factory corporation. She is also a member of Liberty in North Korea, which is a non-profit making organization that works to rescue the North Korea refugees who are currently hiding in China. After rescuing them, they are eventually resettled in the United States and South Korea.

Just recently, she attended a Liberty in North Korea Summit that was hosted in Malibu, California where she with others worked in Labs and in sessions to educate the participants about the conditions of the North Korea and how the Liberty in North Korea can assist the refugees. Park has also been very vocal about tourism in North Korea because they are encouraged to bow down to the statues of Kim II Sung and Kim Jong II. She reasons that by bowing to their statues, she will be assisting the regime’s propaganda machine, which will portray them as having an extreme obedience to their leader.

Park has worked as the co-host of Casey Lartigue in a talk show that talk about North Korea topics and the life of the refugees who escaped North Korea. Park decided to volunteer her time to have an opportunity in making the world aware of the continued repression that is afflicting the North Korea refugees. She also enlightens the audience on how people can take action when their freedom is threatened. They managed to host five episodes of that particular podcast. In her belief, she sees negative and also positive possibilities of ever reuniting North Korea and South Korea. She also believes that change will happen in North Korea as long as people do not keep quiet about advocating for human rights in that country.

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