The Development of Brazilian Law

Brazilian law shares many similarities to that of law in Europe. As Brazil was once a colony, Portuguese influence has shaped much of Brazil’s legislative system. The separation between Brazil and Portugal, only 200 years old, influences how the judicial system has also been shaped.

After the independence of Brazil in 1822, it was not long after that Brazil’s first law school was founded. The law school was officially established in 1827. When it came time to form a legal system, Brazil was highly influenced by the European legal system, especially the French and the German. The most recent Civil Code that has been formed on behalf of Brazil was in 2002. Brazilian Law is a mashup between both the French Civil Code in addition to the German Civil Code.

The legal system of Brazil is much like many other developed country’s legal system. In Brazil, there is a Federal Constitution that is the law of the land. The Federal Constitution can only be changed through Amendments that go through a long process. In addition to this, there is a Federal Supreme Court as well as state level laws and leaders in Brazil.

For those who are interested in pursing a law career in Brazil, one must know how to first be admitted into law school. To start off with, a student who is interested in attending law school, must pass an exam known as the vestibular examination. This particular exam is administered by each individual university.

Law school itself is a five year process that can wither be part-time or full-time. For those who are close to graduating, two things are required. The first thing is the passing grade which varies between each University. In addition to this, law students have to write a thesis paper that chooses an intellectual and relevant topic to what they are studying. This thesis paper must be defended in front of a panel of experienced law professors.

For those who are looking to follow the law career path, there are certain expectations that must be met besides the academic expectations. Each student who wishes to pursue law must have the ability to analyze any situation for the purpose of having a reflective point of view. In addition to this, any lawyer should be able to further the development of legal concepts.

One lawyer in particular who has demonstrated the capability to develop concepts is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Mr. Tosto expanded his techniques and skills as a lawyer to make him one of the most respected and top-notch lawyers in Brazil. Mr. Tosto is a leading example of someone who has developed skills overtime to become one of the leading members in the industry.

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