Beneful Advice: Beware of Raw Dog Food Diet

All pet parents want their pets to eat the healthiest foods on the market. In the quest to give their dogs the best foods, many dog owners are turning to the BARF diet. BARF an acronym for Bones and Raw Food. This diet is nothing new. Sled dogs and racing greyhounds have been on this type of diet for decades. More than 20 years ago, an Australian veterinarian suggested all dogs should be on this diet. According to the veterinarian, dogs would thrive on the BARF diet because it’s what canines consumed prior to becoming domesticated.
The vet contended that grain-based commercial dog foods were actually harmful to dogs’ health. Veterinarians and the FDA disagree. The risk of putting your dog on the raw food diet could be harmful to his health.
Supporters of BARF Claim there are Potential Benefits
There are actually different types of BARF diets. Some are homemade while others are commercial brands. Majority of the diets have the same kind of ingredients in them. The raw food diet consists of ground or whole bones. The meat can be muscle meet on or off the bone. Pet parents also give their dogs organ meat like kidneys and livers. Dogs are fed items besides meat like dairy, raw eggs, vegetables and fruit. BARF diet supporters claim the diet gives a dog smaller stool and:
• Shinier coat
• Cleaner teeth
• Healthier skin
• More energy
Potential Risks of BARF Diet
Beneful wants you to know there are risks to this raw food diet. For example, there are risks to dog and human health from the bacteria that lives in raw meat. Other potential dangers include:
• Dog choking on whole bones
• Breaking teeth on bones
• Internal damage from bones puncturing
• Potential risk of having an unbalanced diet
Some dogs experience mild anemia from lack of protein. Little fat usually means a bad coat, not a healthier, shinier one. Another problem is raw food diets don’t have the needed phosphorous and calcium. This can cause long-term problem for dogs. They can experience dental problems and broken bones. This diet can also lead to high levels of vitamin which can be harmful to dogs.
Even supporters of the diet will agree it’s not for puppies. It can cause deformities and growth problems. Dogs with health problems like severe liver failure, late-stage kidney problems, digestive issues, and pancreatitis shouldn’t consume raw meat.
Beneful is devoted to Educating Pet Parents about Healthy Food Options
We are devoted to educating all pet parents about health food options for their pets. We only want the best for your pet. It’s why we include wholesome, real ingredients in our pet foods. For example, our pet foods include omega-rich ingredients and antioxidants. Whether you purchase wet or dry foods, rest assure your dog is getting a well-balanced meal.
For anyone wanting to know more about the raw food diet, consult your vet. Beneful wants you to have all the facts about the diet to make an informed decision.

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