Gaining A Lifetime Customer Through High Quality Customer Service

I’m looking through business articles and I have found this article on Marc Spark’s blog, it was about keeping a customer with high quality customer service. The article starts out talking about how the term “high quality customer service” is often tossed around enough that it loses its meaning. The article also talks about how rare it is for a company to truly offer the type of customer service that it says it offers. As a matter of fact, very few people seem to understand what high quality customer service really is.

Sam Walton has summed up high quality customer service in one phrase. This phrase is that the boss is the customer. The boss can just spend his money some place else, thereby firing the whole company. The only reason someone would take his business elsewhere is a poor customer service experience.

The article also reveals that each business has only one chance with the customer or client. If the customer service experience is lackluster, then he can just take his business elsewhere, and that is the best case scenario. I’ve experienced customer service experiences that would freak people out. This includes rip-offs and legalized theft. There are some businesses that treat customers in ways that would warrant a closure.

It is very hard to find what the exact value of the service towards customers. However, thousands of dollars are spent towards gaining a customer. In that case, to blow off a customer, or even treat the customer like a terrorist, this is unspeakable. It is important for the business to put itself in the shoes of the customer. A customer who has a problem or is dissatisfied will get in contact with the contact with the hopes of a fast resolution. If no resolution is met, then the company risks losing the customer. Companies that invest their time into the solution of the problem of the customer will go a lot further in success than companies that blow the customer off.

Customer service is very important when it comes to business and I agree with Marc Sparks. After all, a business needs clients or customers to merely survive, let alone succeed. If a business disregards customers or treats them as disposable assets, then the business may suffer as a whole. In most cases, all a business has to do is be decent. If the business can’t even show decency, then it will suffer a huge blow to its reputation.

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