Dan Newlin: Service To The Masses

Dan Newlin is a renowned attorney in Florida. His work as an attorney has to ensure that justice has been served for the many people who have come to him for assistance.
He started his career as firefighter and police officer for Indiana Police and Fire Fighting Department. He later moved to the Orange County where he worked in the Sheriff’s Division. As an officer, he was involved in a number of busts ranging from narcotics to petty crimes. He became a detective in the Fugitive department and apprehended a number of fugitives. In 2000, he graduated from the Florida School of Law after studying for three years.

He is known for working injury cases including personal injury, auto accidents, medical negligence and wrongful death. He mostly operates under his law firm Dan Newlin and Partners which list attorneys with vast experience as its employees. The law firm has nearly 20 attorneys and has grown to employ more than 70 people. The law firm thinks very highly of its clients, and it even consults pro bono.

In what many would describe as a major win for any lawyer’s career, he recently won a $100 million case in Orange County for Danielle Sampson. In 2012, Danelle was shot by a bullet in the head that led to severe brain damage and left her in a coma. The bullet was fired by gang member Tyrone Mosby. The case was filed against the gang member, and the verdict means that when the defendant is released from jail, a part of his income will go towards supporting Danielle. Danielle’s mother was pleased that justice was served but said that it would not bring her daughter back.

In another high profile case, Dan Newlin helped the Krutsingers’ secure a $950,000 settlement. Edward Krutsinger was involved in an accident, and the auto-insurance carrier had refused to cover him. Mr. Newlin helped the family win the case against the company.

Earlier this year The Law Offices of Dan Newlin unveiled an abbreviated dialing code that calls the firm directly. #Dan, as the code is called, allows residents from Florida and part of Chicago to phone in on the firm by keying in the short code. Mr. Newlin pointed out that unlike numbers, the code is easy to remember, and one could even associate it with the hashtag in social networks. He said that although it took two years for him to secure partnerships with mobile providers, it was worth the wait. He plans on including it in ads that will air on radio stations.

Last year his firm opened an office in Chicago, Mr Newlin’s hometown. Mr. Newlin said that it would be an honour serving the people of the area and helping them in their quest for justice.

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