The Success Story behind Computer Sciences Corporation, Eric Pulier

The Computer Sciences Corporation is an international Corporation in America that offers services in the field of information technology. It operates in more than seventy-one countries word wide, with an employee base of seventy-four thousand. Its headquarters are situated in Virginia.

Computer Services Corporation has been a pioneer, an explorer and an innovative organization for half a century. It was founded in 1959 by young computer programmers. It first made its name when they wrote a writing system for every main United States computer manufacturer. With the change in technology, the focus of hiring the technology-savvy and the smartest people remained steadfast. The corporation has built the first ATM in Europe, created the first ever ground traffic system for the John F. Kennedy’s airport in New York, designed and developed the flight software to make and repair the Hubble telescope and has also lead the transformation of IT of the United Kingdom’s health service.

The Corporation employs and empowers employees to widen their skills as they acquire the technical know-how to succeed in their career paths. It has invested a lot in a wide range of learning and development opportunities that helps them to develop their core competencies, soft skills and their technical abilities. They include the education assistance, professional certification programs and mentoring. The corporation’s team is built entirely on trust and collaboration. It believes in the employees; connect them with like-minded people as they encourage them to reach out across the globe. They hold an annual technology conference that invites the ingenious minds to spend time learning and sharing experience from a global perspective. It uses the recent collaboration technologies to connect virtually the people.

The corporation strives to retain and attract results-oriented people who offer distinctive value to the customers and the work environment. The aim of the corporation is to cultivate an environment that is all inclusive in which the employees get rewarded for excellent performances. The Corporation thrives in diversity. It integrates the diversity and the inclusion initiatives to the operation processes and programs. The corporation embraces values ideas and many cultures of their global workforce which inclusively drives the Corporation’s success. The ingenuity and perspectives of the employees help them to bring exceptional and innovative solutions to the clients around the globe.

Mr. Eric Pulier is the Chief Executive Chair of the Corporation. He has been a leading pioneer in the digital interactive and software industries for more than fifteen years. Pulier made a breakthrough in 1997 when the Inaugural Presidential Committee appointed him to execute a Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington. The most famous and successful ventures around the globe have given finances to the firms that Eric Pulier has established or co-established. He is Board of Directors member for the Telecommunications Management Center in Los Angeles.

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