Dan Newlin to The Rescue

Have you been in a car accident? Has someone you love experienced wrongful death? Do you live in Florida or Illinois? Well, Dan Newlin may be the guy for you. Dan Newlin is a well known attorney who is serious about his work. He is successful in his field because of his experience, hard work, and great reputation.

Dan Newlin not only has experience as an attorney but he comes from a long background of law enforcement. He started at a young age working for a police and fire department. He worked diligently and eventually became the sheriff. He served as Orange County Sheriff for ten years where he did everything from dealing with heavy drugs to auto theft. These experiences allowed him to gain incite into law. It was not until he finished this journey in 2000 that he attend law school.

After law school he began his practice. Today Dan Newlin has his own practice which focuses on auto accidents, personal injury, construction accidents and medical negligence. His practice has grown tremendously compared to the one employee he started with, which was his secretary.

Newlin has won over 150 million dollars for his clients. When it comes to getting the money you deserve it is the top priority of the Newlin law firm. They are committed to excellence and do this by having lawyers with years of experience and attention to detail. With a market saturated with lawyers, it is important to shop around and find the attorney that is best for your situation. Dan Newlin makes this easy. If you are interested in working with his law firm, simply head over to his page and read the countless testimonies of their satisfied clients.

A recent example of the Newlin coming to the rescue is his year long court battle with his client, Edward Krutsinger. Krutsinger was driving home from dinner and preparing to make a turn at a red light. When he made the turn he was hit by another driver in a truck that ran the red light. The police reports made it clear that the other driver was at fault for the accident. Krutsinger faced many injuries including brain injury, back injury, and not to mention the emotional stress that comes with such a traumatic experience. Despite his clear injuries, Krutsinger was denied the monetary rights he deserved by the insurance company. Dan Newlin was really upset with this knowing that Krutsinger would be stuck with many of his injuries for the rest of his life.

Newlin was able to come to the rescue and won a $950,000 dollar settlement. This will not return his clients life to normal, but it will help relieve him of some of the changes. If you are looking for this kind of relief for your situation, consider Dan Newlin as your attorney.

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