Create Colorful Perfection With Lime Crime

All of us want to be standouts in our own way and when you want to standout, choose Lime Crime’s makeup to accentuate your perfections. Lime Crime is a unique company that creates stand out products that make you look and feel good and will not have you looking like a basic girl or boy. Lime Crime’s cosmetics are made to show off your perfections and grab the attention you deserve for expressing your beautiful self.

Lime Crime cosmetics come in an array of exciting colors that cannot be found anywhere else. They work for the boldest of looks to the most subtle and everything in between. Party, day, evening, and special occasion looks are made easy when you choose Lime Crime. The lip, eye, and nail colors will boost your look and your spirit. With a simple change of Lime Crime’s colors or products, we can put together goth, punk, high fashion, angelic, anime, beautiful girl next door looks and so many more. This is how useful and versatile Lime Crime’s products and color ranges are. Sometimes we want a different look and Lime Crime’s got us covered with a special lookbook with useful ideas that you will want to use.

Lime Crime has a huge selection of colors for Velvetines. Velvetines are the go to for a matte look that is long lasting and stays true. You can perk up your lips and your attitude with a single application. Velvetines are available in nearly two dozen different colors so you can make your lips attract the attention they deserve. Another popular lip product from Lime Crime are the Carousel Glosses. You likely have not seen a gloss like this before. It looks like a lipstick on your lips but it also shines like a high shine gloss that sparkles. Carousel Glosses are the go to for brightening your face and mood and are available in 5 beautiful colors.

The Lime Crime eye lineup includes Zodiac Glitter, Glitter Helper, eyeliners, and Venus: The Grunge Palette eye shadow collection. The eyeliners, Venus: The Grunge Palette, and Zodiac Glitter colors are fun to use and do not fade. The water resistant Glitter Helper actually keeps glitter where you put it. Easy to use and long lasting, the Lime Crime nail colors are available in five different pastel shades to give an unexpected pop of color to your nails.

With Lime Crime you will find every color on the spectrum from the sweetest pastels to the brightest neons and richest blacks. You will be able to find the hard to get colors such as beautiful blues, bright oranges and yellows that will stay true to their color on you. Lime Crime’s cosmetics are cruelty free and vegan. When you want to update your look and focus on your perfections choose Lime Crime.

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