Impulse Shopping Just Got Easier

As previously reported by Yahoo Finance, mobile company Slyce recently showcased their most popular offerings on Slyce is set to release a mobile application that will connect retailers and consumers in a totally new way.

Slyce’s visual search application makes it easier for consumers to purchase a product as soon as they see it on their mobile device, giving the term ‘impulse shopping’ a whole new meaning. Several major retailers are already using the visual search technology developed by Slyce and there are plans to expand in the coming months.

In addition to it’s image recognition technology, Slyce developers are also in the beta testing stage of even more innovative products. Universal Scanner is a Slyce product that is generating a lot industry buzz for good reason. This technology allows users to scan any image, barcode or QR code to instantly get information on where to find those items.

Another technology product in development is Snap-to-Coupon. This technology may encourage consumers to think twice before throwing out that junk mail, as it is capable of turning physical store coupons into mobile-friendly versions that can be scanned at the point-of-sale terminal. Not only is this technology is particularly exciting it is also environmentally friendly.

Slyce’s goal is to assist retailers in increasing their sales and product satisfaction while bringing cutting-edge technology to consumers who crave it. Slyce’s current mobile app suite includes Pounce (a mobile shopping app), SnipSnap (a coupon conversion app) and Craves (a fashion find app).

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