Man Of Pride

Learning The Ropes
When we are all children some of us wish to be in the world of business until we are dead.Now yes that does sound weird when you look at it but when you take a person who is willing to stand behind this belief you have a human that is willing to make it work.When those children grow up they become the next generation of great business leaders that make you proud to say you spend your money at your local company.One of these future die hard will later be known by the name of James Dondero, the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management.

Setting The Stage
From a early age James knew that getting to reach his goal would be less then easy so to make the time he had useful he moved himself into around the clock study so when he made the next step with education to be certificated he would have the skill to do so.With getting himself ready form the university of Virgina he would take this resource and use it to his advantage with their massive amount of tools that he could use.With highest honors to show for his work James would later head to more compound task such as proving in the harsh world of business that he had more then a job but a future as one of the men would stand the test of time.

Rise To Power
After spending the Regan years working in the trenches of the system James soon found out that he had better options in his grasp so from there he would begin to climb taking the knowledge he had learn from the dark days of the early economic disaster of the eighties.Armed with new weapons of information to get the job done James would begin to lay out the foundation of his future known as Highland Capital Management.To keep his income coming in he would spend the second half of the decade working for American express.After spending the time needed to gather his tools of success he began to finally build his dream by taking his life savings and investing it where he needed to get the vital task done.Since the completion of the founding of Highland Capital Management James has began to spend time giving back to the community that helped him turn his dream into reality by taking the task of working out critical issues.

Wrap And Past Time
So now that you know James has more then earned the title of work horse lets begin to find about what he has done to help him smooth out the edges.First off he has taken the time to make sure veterans have the money needed to survive and has help with community centers that are use to teach the children.So with all said and done with this 30 year plus work effort still going strong lets take the time to pay respects.So with that done have a nice life friends.

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