The Amazing Success of Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is an individual who has been creating a great deal of success for himself and the industry that he is a part of. Andy Wirth has created a great deal of change in the world of resorts and business management. His commitment to employee satisfaction is a great reason why he has been so successful in his endeavors. For over 2 decades Andy Wirth has not only been creating a great career for himself but has also been creating a great deal of success for the resorts that he has been a part of.

In 1986 Andy Wirth began working for Steamboat Springs and was part of several different marketing and management positions. This was a great way for Andy to really learn the ins and outs of the resort industry. He eventually became the chief marketing officer and vice president of Intrawest, a company that acquired Steamboat Springs. This gave him the opportunity to really learn what it was like to work in a leadership position in these resorts. When 2010 rolled around Andy knew it was time for a change. Andy left to be the CEO of Squaw Valley.

Many of us may know Andy Wirth from the popular TV show Undercover Boss. This was a big turning point for Andy’s management style at Squaw Valley. By going undercover as an employee at his resort he learned how important it was to take each and every employee into account. Andy now has a style of running Squaw Valley that is much more centered around employee satisfaction. This is something that has created a ripple out into many different resorts as well. Resorts are far more concerned now with the satisfaction of not only their customers but more importantly their key employees.

Andy Wirth is an individuals who has also learned to turn hardships into opportunities to grow. Andy Wirth is an avid skydiver who has been on many uneventful jumps in the past. When he was skydiving recently there was a change in the wind that caused him to crash right into a fence around a vineyard. This resulted in his arm being severed. Andy spent 60 days in the hospital and underwent over 20 surgeries. He used this time to not only heal his arm but to grow as a person too. He has become such a stronger person due to all of his hardships with his arm.

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