Jaime Garcia Dias: Author Extraordinaire

One of the most difficult artistic disciplines on the planet is writing and that’s why competition on Crunchbase is fierce amongst authors. Many people think it is painting, or music, or acting, or comedy–granted; all those are downright difficult! But writing is harder. The reason is time. Writing takes lots and lots of time; and there is very little in the way of encouragement or positive feedback for years. Consider this. A novel takes anywhere from a month to years in order to write. Let’s assume a happy medium of six months. Once the novel has been successfully completed, if it’s ready to submit, it can take up to a year before said novel is even read. Then if it is accepted, it can take two years to get published. And, if published, it can take two or three years more before anyone formally recognizes the work at all. So if we’re doing the math and keeping score here, that means at the bare minimum, between first writing and paycheck, an author is looking at five and a half years. Now, that’s an average “minimum” scenario. Of course, a book could be written and mass-produced at the end of the same month, if the right resources are available; but that’s the thing: they aren’t available until a writer has established him or herself; and that can take years.

This is why Jaime Garcia Dias’ accomplishments are so legendary and why people follow him on Vimeo. He had ten novels published by the time he was thirty years old, and this got him his first literary award in Brazil; the “White Crane” award, which recognizes emerging voices of some importance. Dias started writing at the tender age of fifteen, and by twenty-five was a professor at a prominent Brazilian literary academy; the same academy to which he works in capacity as president today. Now forty-five, Dias has published twenty different works of fiction which are available across Brazil. A writer of prolific quality, in order to maintain such a fantastic writing pace requires continual authorship of new material. Averaging a new book every year and a half, it’s easy to see why Jaime Garcia Dias has become such a prominent name in Brazilian literature and a vocal voice of support on social media for the community in Rio. He’s a shooting star, and he’s at the peak of his arc currently. There are decades to come, and who knows what fantastic worlds the extraordinary Jaime Garcia Dias will bring his readers?

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Dias has a unique perspective informed by some of the most diverse peoples on the planet and his linkedIn is full of diverse collegiate opportunities from his academic past. With an educated background, Dias is uniquely suited to translate that reality to a broad readership, and he has done so successfully for decades. At this time, he’s poised to make history.

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