To all of you impersonators and mimickers trying to ace the Michael Jackson look, Sergio Cortes has a message. Please stop, he is the best there is, and you can take a rest. Why do you ask? Let’s take a look at the numbers.
• He has amassed over 1 billion views on YouTube! That’s a number second to no other impersonator and certainly enviable even by the likes of Justin Bieber.
• He was born to be the reincarnation of the King. God wanted him to be. From his face to his dance moves, to his smooth voice. Common, do you want to question God?
• He works harder than all of you. Here are the facts. For the last 28 years, he has been training 4 hours a day each year. Let that sink. You thought your two days a week training is anything? Came on man! Go home.
• He met Michael and has his blessings. He did this through his Majesties nephews. He was 1st hired to fool the press during Michaels wedding to Presley’s daughter. He has dined with the Legends that are why he acts it so well.
• He is thoroughly professional and works like a German machine. He gives crowds what they want, and they love it.
• He has a full set, from backup singers, dancers and a set team. It has allowed him to give what you Karaoke singer with a Mike can’t.
• Still not convinced? He has 17000 followers on Facebook. Fans just love him.
• He performs in sold out shows across Latin America and is local celebrity in Brazil. He is currently on world tour. Did you read that right? World tour. Not block tour
Now beat it and allow him to explain his recipe. He has achieved his level due to his personal love for Michael. Michael’s death was a big blow to him. He was depressed for two years and burned the clothes and shaved his hair. But pressure from his fans forced him to return and serve them with what he does best. He says he is more artistic and less dramatic than the departed king. It is this lifestyle that allows him the creativity needed. He is a Buddhist. He also has a pet dog named Zaffy.He believes the sale of the Nevada ranch was a mistake. His advice to all artists is humble yourself and rock on.

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