The Old Breed With a Touch of New Teenage Dream

We are all kids at one point in our lives.We think and find all aspects of life interesting even until are teens but during this period we begin to really think what are we going to do in life?Well some see the facts for what they are and others still cling to a little thread a hope that with skill an passion their dream will come true.Most will fail but for some the dream will come true due to the right choice at the right time.So today in this article we will talk about one of those teens that made his dream come true by becoming a workhorse in the economics market. Grown Who did this teen grow in to you may ask well he grown into no other then Kenneth Griffin.Born in the year of 1968 in Daytona beach Florida you would assume this young man would throw himself into the world of vacation resorts or the racing industry but instead he would begin to make his bones in the stock market.To really give his future a fighting chance Ken Griffin would push himself through Harvard graduating with high honors to show for his work.During his stay at the university he would invest with over a quarter of million raised by work and family along with real time market access via satellite in his dorm to keep in the loop at all times. Major Step You can be great at your education with the skill an passion needed to make the cut but if you do not transfer those qualities to your work you will get nowhere.Seeing this for what it is Kenny made sure to make that change without question on insidermonkey.The event that would really give him his test of faith was when a man named Frank C. Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC would give Kenny a million dollars to work with seeing if he could prove himself a worthy member of the ever challenging market. Passed & Citadel Well in this test luck was on his side and after not only making more then 70 percent of returns which is much higher then the average worker Kenny could now prove that he had the skill needed to be what he is today.In 1990 Kenny would make he final step towards his dream by becoming an the founder of Citadel.Once the doors open on this project Kenny would go from brain child to Kenneth Griffin major player in the hedge fund world with his pride and joy citadel as his weapon of choice.After 20 years of around the clock service citadel has gown over 100 workers plus a safe billion dollar bank account. Wrap Kenneth Griffin has seen the best and the worst.When 2008 came to play his response was the industry that he and others built failed because kids without any grit came into power without proof of work effort.But at the end of the day this man is human with heart.

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