A Healthy And Smart Option For Your Pet With Beneful

Dog Food Beneful dog food is a healthy and delicious option to show your dog you care. This particular food for dogs has been known to keep them at a healthy weight and most get so excited when it is time to eat that they do not know how to react because of the extreme excitement that occurs. Purina Beneful has been a trusted name out here in the dog food industry with your dog’s health and energy as the main focus when ingredients are chosen with very high standards. The morsels of food are tender yet crunchy at the same time so it gives them more of a variety feature. There are food choices designed for lunch and dinner for your pet as well as snack options that will make them happy and pleased to receive. Some of the Beneful snacks for dogs are oven baked and created with time and love that contain different textures along with great taste. There are also some short bread cookies that contain ingredients that are adored by most dogs with yummy cheese, bacon, and even some peanut butter. We are pro-corn and pro-grain and do not exchange these out with any other ingredients on the market. There have been particular studies that suggest that corn is wonderful benefit for a growing young pup because it provides essential vitamins with linoleic acid that is an omega 3 fatty acid that is way too important to not receive. Corn has been said to have double the nutrients of an apple. It also promotes tissue growth and helps to repair injuries. There are more than 400 scientists that work daily on creating nutritious recipes, and one of their main goals is to make discoveries for bettering dog’s health. Researchers for Beneful are accomplishing this from all over the world such as France, Australia, and China. Some of these scientists are focusing on what it is that causes the pet obesity epidemic. The Canine Health Foundation is one of Beneful’s research partners that enables blind dogs to see again such as Cornell University, Colorado State, and University of Missouri just to name a few. Go and grab your dog some health with Beneful dog food on Facebook as a smart option.

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