George Soros: A Voice for the Voiceless


From the beginning of his career as a philanthropist and human rights activist, George Soros has continually lent his voice to the oppressed, the unrepresented, and the marginalized. His first movement after initiating his Open Society Foundations in 1979, in fact, entailed enabling young black students to access university education amid South African apartheid. A survivor of Nazi Germany’s ghastly corruption and Hungary’s former communist regime, Soros adamantly uplifts democratic ideals, working at an international level to remind the world that imperfect institutions can be improved. His degree was earned in London, and his fortune was made in the United States, but his influence as a progressive benefactor and intellectual extends worldwide.

Open Society particularly focuses on empowering otherwise undermined social groups. The latest essay published by Soros details a call to action for European nations to accommodate Syrian refugees; as a highly successful investor, Soros notes the importance of private and government organizations alike coming together to fund a more unified system of asylum. Likewise, Soros has spoken on issues of assimilating the Roma people—Europe’s largest minority group—into mainstream society, while also elevating the relevance of Roma culture by outlining the establishment of an official Roma institute. His hope is to simultaneously eradicate intolerant sentiments toward the Roma and empower Roma children with a sense of pride in regards to their heritage.

What’s more, Soros’ influence is not limited by country or even continental borders. As the Open Society Foundation branches throughout the globe, encompassing over one hundred countries, its sectors seek to alleviate social struggles for LGBTQIA persons, uneducated youth, racial minorities, and all others barred from fair, secure political involvement. In all corners of the world, Open Society strives to establish democratic governments that are tolerant and responsible for citizens of all cultural walks.

George Soros has funneled his wealth whole-heartedly into his beliefs, using it even to support legal fights against restrictive voting laws in the United States, and he has poured his progressive ideas into numerous books. He has advocated freedom for those unlawfully detained, counteracted communist censorship of ideas, and extended resources for those fleeing war-torn regions. Soros himself has stated that he not only speaks out on controversial issues because his status allows him, but he feels a rightful obligation because others cannot do so. His continual generosity is a shining exemplum of the powerful impact individuals can have, if only they pursue the hope for a more inclusive society.

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