Month: December 2015

James Dondero Guiding Highland Capital Management to New Heights

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Dispositions & Losses In the quarterly 13F that Highland Capital Management (HCM) just filed with the SEC, is report of a loss of 22.81% of the company’s combined assets. The market value had been $4.91 billion dollars in the previous quarter, but now was listed as $3.43 billion dollars. James Dondero is the founder and…

Understanding The Relevance Of Ricardo Guimarães In the Success Of BMG

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Each business needs a dedicate pilot who is willing to sacrifice anything to ensure the venture emerges successful. Management is all that will determine the course a business takes. Many people have not been able to realize the right profits due to lack of a dedicated team that can offer management. In the presence of…

The Wisdom of Charles Koch

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The successful businessman and philanthropist, Charles Koch, is showing how he influences the lives businessman. In a recent article in the Wichita Business Journal discussing Koch’s success as a businessman, especially with with his most recently published book, “Good Profit,” it addresses how he continues to be an influential figure in the field of investments…

Hedge Fund Manager Kyle Bass Loses Magic Touch and Public Trust

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Hedge fund manager and CEO of Dallas-based Heyman Capital Management, Kyle Bass, is waging a war against pharmaceutical companies he claims abuses patent system. Bass and his colleague Erich Spangenberg, co-founder of the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, believe that certain pharma companies are doing their best to drive up drug cost in an effort to…

Proud I Used LondonEscape For My London Vacation Rentals

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I hope your vacation is as good as ours was because we used LondonEscape. I never knew that booking a hotel room or apartment could be so simple and easy. My wife was warning me that I would be spending an awful amount of time dealing with the vacation rentals. She was the one who…

US Money Reserve Is The Best For Donating To CAFB

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  US Money Reserve is known as one of the leaders of the precious metal trade in the United States of America. They operate out of Texas and are very active philanthropically and have been known to donate to more than eighty different companies over the years. The most recent recipient of donations has been…

Yeonmi Park’s book tells of hard life in North Korea

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Yeonmi Park’s new book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” is the story of a North Korean girls’ escape from North Korea. She has had many articles written, and been interviewed many times, but the book will tell her story in much more detail. The book is written with author…

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