Proud I Used LondonEscape For My London Vacation Rentals

I hope your vacation is as good as ours was because we used LondonEscape. I never knew that booking a hotel room or apartment could be so simple and easy. My wife was warning me that I would be spending an awful amount of time dealing with the vacation rentals. She was the one who booked our last vacation, but it was my turn this year. We are making a habit of traveling to new countries every year with our son.

Our son is two years old, and he’s already been to as many countries as his dad, so I’m proud of that. We took him to London last summer, and we had a blast. He’s too young to remember most of it, but I took plenty of photos of our trip. I took photos of the apartment we stayed at when we got to it because I was impressed. It looked just like the website showed in the pictures. LondonEscape gave an accurate description of all the amenities also. I appreciate that because some travel sites I have used in the past gave incorrect information. I will definitely use their site again for our next trip to London.

We really loved the neighborhood we stayed in, and I think we fit right in there. My wife wanted to move in after the week stay was over, but I only booked the apartment for that one week. Thankfully, LondonEscape makes it easy to return to the same place, and booking the spot was just a few clicks away. I remember way back when we used to have to have long talks with salespeople and front desk people at hotels in order to make reservations. Well, I guess we don’t have to go through all that anymore.

I’m glad I came across their site. I will surely recommend it to my friends, and I think I’ll use it next time we visit London. Their site is on my bookmarks, under the “Travel” tab, so I won’t forget them. We loved our two bedroom apartment. It was a home away from home.

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