The Wisdom of Charles Koch

The successful businessman and philanthropist, Charles Koch, is showing how he influences the lives businessman. In a recent article in the Wichita Business Journal discussing Koch’s success as a businessman, especially with with his most recently published book, “Good Profit,” it addresses how he continues to be an influential figure in the field of investments and trading.

Charles Koch found success as chief executive officer as well as chairman of the board at Koch industries. According to on website, he expanded the industry after his father passed it on to him, changing it from an oil refining and chemistry industry to pollution control equipment and technologies. Before Koch’s most recently published book, “Good Profit,” he found success in 2007 with his book, “The Science of Success,” which explains Koch’s management philosophy.

Beyond his success with his father’s business, eventually make a name for himself, Koch has also found success as a philanthropist. In 1977, he founded the Cato Institute, regarded as the American libertarian think tank. He also has funded libertarian and free-enterprise policies, which he has given millions to. According to a website, Koch has given rough over 200 million to different libertarian causes. It has helped him gain widespread attention and influence as a businessman and a philanthropist. The work mentioned only briefly entails how much philanthropic work Koch has done and continues to do in helping start-up entrepreneurs. His philanthropic work has also helped him garner awards that includes William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic work as well as receiving an award from President Barrack Obama for Koch’s bipartisan work.

The article about Koch explains how his most recently published book, which is about market-based management business philosophy, offers insight into Koch’s success as a businessman. According to Koch, it helped him turn his attention from his successful private business, to offer some advice to others. Koch’s book allows him to continue his passion helping others be successful in their business.

As the articles notes, some may doubt the sincerity of Koch, believing that his book is a way for him to make more money, there is no doubt that Koch’s book is a way to help business thrive. The articles explains how Koch has always been a businessman looking to help others, something he is continuing to do. His book is an example of him looking to help a larger audience of business owners.

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