Female Leaders Making Inroads For Women In The Corporate World

Helane Morrison is a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and stand up for women in the corporate world. That is because the advocate of greater inclusion of women in top level positions in finance is now at the top herself at Hall Capital in San Fransisco, California. She along with two other woman hold coveted, top spots at the company. Helane along with Kathryn Hall, and Sarah Stein, the president are promoting greater advancement and inclusion of women in top spots in finance. 

I would really like to applaud the efforts of these women, especially Helane. These woman are in “male dominated” professions which includes finance and law. They have faced discouragement, and probably even some discrimination at some point in their careers but that has not stopped them from rising to the top. These women are a story of inspiration and proof that good things come to those who are determined to achieve great things. Morrison in particular has been a force to be reckoned with in the financial industry, demanding equality, compliance, justice and the utmost integrity from both her fellow coworkers, clients and from her peers. She is not afraid to state things plainly or ruffle feathers in the name of honesty as you can see by her quote.

Mrs. Morrison states the reality of today’s business world and how it needs to change. “In her business school,” she says “About half of the students were male and half were female.” In the real world, there is a stark contrast. Where do all the woman who graduated from her class go? Why aren’t they serving in qualified high level positions that they were trained for? There is clearly a gap in the number of men and women who work in finance and law. Helane has fought to build her title-studded resume and encourages other women to do the same. The professions are still dominated by men, but women like Helane are bringing attention to the problem and letting companies know that they need to promote their women more often. 

The reason she went to Hall Capital in San Francisco in the first place, was in part because there were women in high level positions there. She also spent time as the regional director at the San Fransisco division of the SEC before leaving to join Hall Capital.  It is quite clear that there are many qualified and skilled women in law and finance. If given the opportunity, they can do great things for the company. Helane Morrison is proof of that herself, and Hall Capital has thrived under the leadership of women. 

The corporate world is often slow to change internally. It will probably be many more years until we see a greater amount of women in typically male dominated professions. However the signs are already there. More and more women are being accepted and appointed to top positions in corporations than ever before. This is a trend that will only help women, companies and families across America. When women are given a greater say and participate in the economy, the effects are often positive and far reaching.

Connect with Helane via her LinkedIn profile to see more about her resume or read any recent news stories about her.


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