Owners and Their Pets Celebrate the arrival of High Quality Dog Food

In this day and age of technological advances, it is easy for us to access nutritional information about the variety of foods we consume. Gone are the days where we rely on doctors and other experts to figure out our diets, and we are free to complete a quick web search to make our own customized dietary decisions. It is only natural that the next focus on health is for our pets. Ask your average dog or cat owner what is in their pet’s food and they are likely to shrug and scratch their heads. But many brands, including Beneful, are proudly sharing the high quality ingredient lists of their latest products. Beneful is a progressive new line of dog food that is produced by the household name Purina. The benefits of using this high quality product is that it is under a familiar and time-tested brand, yet, provides a higher level of quality than ever before. The ingredients used for Beneful is strictly monitored and meets USDA and FDA requirements, as well as many other requirements that are similar for human-grade food. Besides government agencies, Beneful is also backed by the AAFCO, The Association of American Feed Control Officials. This voluntary organization helps determine the specific nutritional needs of dogs at their various stages of life. Products such as Beneful help bring legitimacy to this group and helps create customer awareness in ways never available to pet owners before. A final consideration for the healthy pet food now available is the potential of saving money. “Saving” is not the first idea that comes to mind when we are talking about purchasing higher quality ingredients, but there are many benefits to choosing the healthy route – fewer vet visits and fuller tummies are likely results of a high quality pet diet. Beneful is reasonably priced in comparison to other healthy pet foods, making this choice a win-win. While healthy pet food is not yet the norm, Beneful and like-minded companies are paving the way for better pet food practices, prolonging both the quality and length of your beloved pooch’s life!

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