The health sector is already on a crisis from the dengue virus. To make the matters worse, the situation is now complicated following the discovery of Zika and Chikungunya virus. According to a publication on, by medical expert Dr. Sergio Cortes, the symptoms are very similar making it difficult to differentiate between the viruses. The symptoms arising from the virus infection include high fever, body aches, muscle and red sports that appear on the skin. The dengue virus is different from the other virus in it causes pain in muscles and behind the eyes. The medical expert also warned of some unique symptoms discovered to help in differentiating the two health threat viruses.
The Zika virus has a predominating itching in the cup with red eyes while the Chikungunya virus causes intense pain in joints. Research indicates that the two viruses are very common with the new born children with research ongoing to indentify more on the virus. Lack of data is the main problem for researches making it difficult to identify the severity of the virus. The disease requires medical attention when the symptoms start to appear. In case of an emergency, case, it’s advised to seek medical care immediately the mild symptoms begin to show.
It’s not still clear if both viruses can operate inside a host at the same time. More research is ongoing to get more details on the issue. There is also intense study going on both viruses to discover the best medication to treat the virus. Currently there are antiviral to prevent the disease. Sergio was optimistic that the research will yield positive results to uncover the preventive measures for the viruses. The current treatment option entails t on mouth hydration that should be followed with a five rest days to regain the physical strength for the body. Sergio also disclosed that an institute in san Paulo is working hard to invent an antidote for the virus.
Cortes is a resourceful blogger on medical issues with a trained professional doctor expert. He has a wide following in his LinkedIn and twitter accounts. Sergio is the health secretary for health in the state of Rio. He is a trained and experienced medical doctor with excellent skills in management. Sergio is also a graduate of Harvard business school.


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