Eucatex Company Mission In Conserving The Brazil Environment

Flavio Maluf is both a philanthropist and a businessperson. Maluf is the current Chief Executive Officer and the President of Eucatex Company, which is based in Brazil. Flavio is a man of various talents who uses most of his resources to develop the Brazil state of an economy. Flavio Maluf pursued his college education at the New York University according to Wikipedia. After completing his degree studies, Maluf returned to Brazil where he got his first in the Eucatex Company.

Maluf has been his experience and professionalism to help grow Eucatex Company and ensure its flexibility in the market. Maluf led to the introduction of emerging trends in the technology world to help the Company manufacture products that will be able to survive the stiff competition in the market. Apart from being a businessperson, Flavio Maluf has a great passion for music which his website does a good job of showing. His primary concern lies in the promotion of the Brazilian citizens’ living standards. Flavio has also participated in many go fund me moves and charitable works, as his bio shows.

Flavio also embraces the social media platforms by posting inspirational tweets to his followers. He is also the president of Grand Food Company. He also holds a linked in account that helps his followers to know more about his career and background life.

Eucatex is a privately held company that is controlled and owned by the Maluf family, in Brazil. Eucatex Company focuses on the manufacturer of material using eucalyptus as the raw material. It is an environmental friendly Company that has been manufacturing and distributing materials globally for more than sixty years. This Company owns a terrain of land that contains eucalyptus trees. Eucatex Company conducts its activities by enhancing the sustainability of the environment is maintained.

The presence of Eucatex in the industry has attracted recognitions from other organizations. The Forest Stewardship Council recently awarded Eucatex the Green Seal award due to the efforts displayed by Eucatex Company to preserve forests. The award is only granted to Companies that maintains a balance between the usage and the regrowth of forests in Brazil. Flavio has been on the move to make Brazil green. He has been using renewable energy in Brazil in all the production process conducted in Eucatex.

Eucatex Company has a mission of taking responsibility in the environmental sustainability by avoiding the dumping of wastes in open places. Eucatex Company also signed a partnership agreement with APAE Company to maximize environment conservancy. Eucatex Company has significantly contributed to the conducive environment for business undertakings in Brazil.

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