Kevin Seawright Appointment As Newark CEDC Newest Executive Commander Brings New Hope

A renowned media house sat down face-to-face with NEWARK CEDC (Community Economic Development Corporation) newly appointed EVP (Executive Vice President) and CFO (Chief Financial Officer), Kevin Seawright during an interview. The team learned about Seawright, his views on family, career outlook and personal philosophy. For most of his career, Seawright devoted time to commanding city development projects in the interest of improving communities and revamping urban city landscapes. It wouldn’t have been possible to reach these goals if it were not for Seawright’s positive attitude towards strategic planning and adaptation.

He’s worked as an instrumental force within both private and public sector landscapes. During the early part of his career, Seawright held a government job, which entailed a finance management role while commanding Baltimore, Maryland division. It’s been a year since his appointment at Newark CEDC and Seawright remains optimistic about a future with the company. He brings superior industry expertise, tactical knowledge and 11+ years of experience as a unit of the finance/construction public sector. Later, Seawright expanded into the private sector segment. Interestingly, he’s elated to be taking part in this mission with the drive to positively transform Newark communities. Under the careful direction of Newark’s appointed Mayor Ras Baraka, Seawright plans to spearhead notable expansions to promote growth and landscape development. He’s prepared an extensive economic model involving infrastructure development programs through diversifying communities, creating opportunities for SMB (Small Business) operations and more. In fact, Newark launched a summer employment program that provided over 3,000+ jobs for graduates.

Kevin seawright and the newark community economic development corporation from Kevin Seawright

So why did Newark CEDC choose Seawright above all others? He’s spent 13+ years strengthening East Coast communities as a financial manager. Additionally, he’s held numerous roles within government agencies managing a series of community development-focused projects. He was a partnering director for Washington, D.C. Tito Contractors FHC (Finance and Human Capital) real estate development project. With this, Seawright cultivated an expansive repertoire developing small businesses and real estate. In addition, he played a pivotal position in designing Baltimore’s Aging and Retirement Commission where he operated in the capacity of MFO (Managing Fiscal Officer). The agency benefited from cost reduction estimated at over $100,000 under his careful management. Seawright then moved on to Baltimore’s Housing Authority office where he became the agency’s payroll director. Next, he directed the DHCD (Department of Housing and Community Development) Homeless Services unit before his appointment as CFO (Chief Financial and Facilities Officer) for the city’s DRP (Department of Recreation and Parks) division. Seawright then served a six-year term as Baltimore’s DCOO (Deputy Chief Operating Officer) of education.

Newark CEDC has no reservations about Seawright taking command of their city’s community and economic welfare. In fact, the agency manages the city’s major real estate landscape strengthening resources and business throughout communities. Seawright brings an unmatched talent being exposed different capital management landscapes within the finance sector. In fact, he’s cultivated dynamic skills as a senior manager of operations and accounting finance expert.  Seawright is also an avid lover of music, and his SoundCloud profile features a ton of great work from new artists.

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