Avi Weisfogel creates a GoFundMe page for a good cause

A GoFundMe page is a great way to raise money for an event or a particular cause. People every day are flocking to the site in order to raise funds for a certain cause. Avi Weisfogel hopes to achieve the same. Dr. Weisfogel has created a GoFundMe page that will help to support Operation Smile.

Operation Smile helps to provide free dental services to low-income individuals or people in need. This nonprofit organization is able to locate individuals that are in need of free dental services by traveling from community to community in a mobile unit. These mobile units are equipped with supplies and volunteer dentists that have taken time out of their busy schedule to help those in need. Amongst these volunteer dentist is Avi Weisfogel. Avi Weisfogel is able to provide a host of services such as cavity fillings and cleanings to those in need.

Individuals that would like to contribute to Operation Smile can do so through the GoFundMe page created by Avi Weisfogel. This page makes it simple for anyone to make a monetary contribution to the organization. The GoFundMe page is continuously open. This means that the fundraiser is ongoing and does not really have an expiration date. If the page does expire, Dr. Weisfogel will take the time to create another campaign for the Operation Smile organization. In addition to being able to make a contribution to the Operation Smile organization, individuals will be able to read a special message written by Dr. Weisfogel on the sight. This heartfelt message will give insight to what contributions he makes to the organization and why it is so important to him.

Dr. Weigfogel is a dentist with a big heart. He has been volunteering his time and resources to the Operation Smile organization for many years. With his help, the organization has been able to provide services for those in need which helped to change the lives of these patients.

In addition to volunteering his time and talents to the Operation Smile organization, Dr. Weigfogel is also a full-time dentist at his own practice. Though he is dedicated to providing services to individuals that cannot afford it, he also is able to focus his time on the success and growth of his own practice. His hard work and dedication as a dentist has allowed his practice to be one of the best in the industry. Follow Avi on Facebook and Twitter for updates on his GoFundMe Campaign.

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