Koch doesn’t think that Republican Presidential Candidates listen to his concerns

Donald Trump is making waves with voters and is currently at the top of the polls in the Republican primary. Part of his popularity is due to bold statements he is making regarding any number of items and the way in which he responds to items with outside of the norm quips is appealing to some voters, but alienating others.

One Republican backer and major donor to the Republican Party does not find that Trump’s statements are resonating with him and he believes that the overall Republican Presidential field does not appear to be in line with his belief system. That backer is Charles Koch, part of the Koch brothers who, more than any other non-candidate, has had a tremendous impact on recent Republican elections. Koch funds and controls several Super PACs which fund Republican candidates who espouse the same ideals that he has namely how small government and lower taxes is better at preserving freedoms and advancing the economy, the ideals of the US Constitution, and the ability for all Americans to be free to pursue their own happiness. Koch is the current chairman of the diversified Koch Industries which is the second largest private company in the United States.

It is the last ideal that appears to be the bone of contention with Donald Trump. Trump has indicated his plan to prevent Muslims from entering the United States. This would deny the rights to freedom to a group of people and Koch feels as if removing freedoms from one component of people is the surest way to have freedom removed from all Americans.

Koch doesn’t seem too enamored with the other candidates for the Republican Primary either. Ted Cruz, from Texas, has previously stated his belief that we could carpet bomb ISIS in Syria to remove that threat. Koch seems to believe that carpet bombing which would likely lead to a lot of civilian casualties in Syria which would only feed into the revolutionary movement that is backing ISIS. Koch seems to understand the negative impact that carpet bombing would have on both the innocent citizens of Syria as well as on Muslim sentimentality around the world.

Koch’s super PACs were planning on donating about $900 million during the 2016 election cycle. Just where these funds get allocated is dependent on the candidates that they believe represent their opinions. But if Koch’s recent comments hold any bearing, it is unlikely that Trump or Cruz see any significant amounts from Koch.


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