Swinging the Stock Market Pendulum in 2016.

The year 2016 will always be talked of in hushed tones by stock market investors in the US. It was a year everyone was hoping to end quickly. There are also fears the stock market frailties may spill over to 2016.

So what happened? 2015 started out on a good level. The stocks competed at reasonable rates though there was no excitement overall. By the mid-year, a steady upward pace was witnessed. Investor confidence remained quite small due to complacency.

It was a case of the application of Murphy’s Law in August 2015 when things got worse, and the stock market took a plunge. The morale among traders went down leading to apathy and skepticism. The risk theme took center stage and became the determinant factor in all stock market transactions. A large number of investors fell out while the remaining ones opted to transact of safe or certain assets.

Other indicators also made most folks nervous. The most typical of such indicators includes the oil prices. A drop in oil prices in America concerns the rest of the world. Indeed, there was a reason for alarm even though the domino effect never really got to an extreme level. The closing stages of the year saw the stock market gradually recover from the shock, but investors remained skeptical therefore staying out.

This year, buyers and sellers must take risks. Investing in safe stocks and growing companies may push movement of inventories. Should this happen, market activity will adjust upwards luring in more investors in the process. Things cannot go any more downward than current times. Experts in equity markets like one James Dondero would agree that if anything the market would go upwards.

Jim Dondero is an experienced professional in asset management and investment with over three decades of operation. His expertise serves as a point of reference for to other professionals. Jim dedicated his career to the development of Collateralized Loan Obligations and establishment of similar institutions.

Currently, Jim heads the strategic investment portfolio at Highland Capital. Also, he happens to be the co-founder and President. His professional affiliations include that of a Certified Financial Analyst. His investment advisory role at Highland Capital sees him deals with private equity firms, hedge funds and organizations in the healthcare sector.

Jim, therefore, knows his way around stock markets and his services could be well sought after this year. For more information on stock market see the link below:


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