The Lesser Knowns of Magic Mike XXL


Of all the movies which have come out in the recent years, Magic Mike and its sequel, Magic Mike XXL, stand out as two of the best. The first movie won 8 awards and was nominated 15 times. Although the sequel only won 1 award, which was gifted to main actor Channing Tatum for Best Summer Movie Actor, it stands as a superb movie in and of itself. It stood high on the list of Most Anticipated Sequels that was created on IMDB (the Internet Movie Database). In Magic Mike XXL, the Mike that we love who retired from the stripper life at the end of Magic Mike returns for one last hurrah in Myrtle Beach.

There are a lot of famous actors and actresses in Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, but there are also the more less-known ones who do just as good of a job! For example, Crystal Hunt.

Crystal Hunt in Magic Mike XXL

In Magic Mike XXL, Crystal Hunt plays the role of Lauren, and acts as the love interest for Matt Bomer’s character. Lauren is one of the friends of the movie’s main woman, Channing Tatum’s love interest. In a 2015 interview with Red Carpet Crash, Hunt said that since the movie focuses on the men of the story, it was nice to “put a little estrogen in there somewhere”. She reassured Red Carpet Crash, “You will love this second one”. At the same time that she filmed Magic Mike XXL, she was working on Queens of Drama. And, she confided to Red Carpet Crash, the best butt amidst the actors was Matt Bomer’s. According to her, it was “in a league of its own”.

Crystal Hunt’s Other Roles

For those who may not know of Crystal Hunt from any other films listed on IMDb, she is most remembered for her three years of time on the television show Guiding Light, in which she played Lizzie Spaulding, the troubled daughter of Philip and Beth Raines. Hunt won a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for the role in 2005. Other roles that Hunt has played include Dinky in the 2007 film Sydney White, Stacey Marasco on the television series One Life to Live from 2010-2012, and more recently, Hunt played Molly in the 2014 football film 23 Blast. She is also very well-known for her role in Queens of Drama, a popular docu-series.  She’s also got quite the Facebook following, and remains a popular part of that site as well.

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