Charles Koch On The American Criminal System

Charles Koch has harshly criticized the American justice system calling it a travesty that criminates the poor and punishes them. It is a broken system meant to serve the interests of the rich and make sure the bottom in America became trapped in the cycle of poverty.

It was views expressed in a recent interview. Charles Koch, who acts as the president and CEO of Koch Industries, was categorical America needs to change this system.

The current American criminal justice system is highly flawed. It has been noted it criminates the trivial and makes it impossible for them to join the society. When prisoner re-joins society, they find a system unwilling to accept them and resort to criminal behaviour to survive.

The American system emphasizes retribution as opposed to acceptance. It is a system that has been captured by famous saying tough on crime. According to Koch, it should be smart on crime.

Koch is a well-known classic liberal. He advocates a society that gives people equal access to opportunities and free trade. He says the current system is a threat to that as it has incarnated many innocents who are too weak to defend themselves.

Koch gives an example saying the cost of being a criminal is very high in America. The American justice system places criminal behaviour on many trivial things.

Koch says the America system should borrow a leaf from the European model that has been proved very useful. Netherlands is thinking of outsourcing the prisons. Koch further states that the current systems have made it impossible for a prosecutor to be impartial. It has transferred the sentencing from judge to prosecutor based on powers bestowed upon him. Prosecutors have become the judge, jury and executioner to many people.

The silent change has been blamed for many criminal sentencing that has happened. Each time it happens, they blame the system. It is a sad and true occurrence that is unacceptable.

The current system has ensured that America spends $ 250 billion on the prison service every year. It is three times the amount spent on education.

Charles Koch points out these injustices as it’s what drives him. Since 1973 when he founded CATO Institute, he has made it upon himself to model America on his ideals. He is himself a highly accomplished business leader and professional with a Ph.D. from MIT.

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