Handy Working Well for Consumers and Professionals

Handy, a company that promises to be the Uber of household chores, has raised another $50 million in venture funding in just November 2015. The company, which started in 2012 as Handybook, allows consumers to book appointments for home cleaning and several other services such as home repairs through the app or website. The company seems to be a win-win for consumers and professionals alike. Customers get a reliable, pre-screened professional to do a service for them and the professionals get decent wages and a flexible schedule.

In the current technology driven world, it is no surprise Handy is doing so well in spite of their competition, Homejoy going under. Before Handy, the best way to find a reliable professional was to get recommendations from family and friends, and some recommendations aren’t always reliable. Handy takes the guesswork out of whether or not to trust a professional. All contract employees are pre-screened, and Handy offers a money-back guarantee so there is no risk. Handy will have another professional go out if a customer is not satisfied. Pre-screening their professionals includes background checks on national and local levels and personal interviews, which ensures safety for customers.

On the other end of the spectrum, Handy makes working as a professional much easier. House cleaners can make more working for Handy than their local contract companies. Professionals can expect to make $15 or more per hour. They also don’t have to track down payment for services since all of that is taken care of through Handy. Professionals can sign up on the website, but need to have paid experience in their service field. It may be difficult to be hired considering the stringent background checks and interviews.

Handy services 35 different cities including major cities in the United States, Vancouver and Toronto, Canada and London, England. With the $50 million the company recently raised, they hope to expand services to twice the number of current cities. In 2014, the company reached $1 million in bookings a day. House cleaning accounts for a high percentage of bookings, but other services include painting, furniture assembly, plumbing, electrical, moving help and other general household repairs.

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