The Development and Growth of Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a company that has utilized the coffee industry to create their own niche of healthy and wholesome coffee that will energize as well as relax the consumer. Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 with the intent of creating the best product possible that combines both healthy living as well as a delicious cup of tea, hot cocoa, and coffee.  He’s also all about the health, trying to find new ways to be intelligent and healthy about what we consume on a daily basis.

Mr. Chua understands the coffee industry has been around for thousands of years. Of course he does, Bernardo Chua has guided Organo to several awards.  Mr. Chua also understands that in present day coffee is a product that can be transformed and manipulated in any way to be any texture, temperature, and flavor. However, Mr. Chua wanted Organo Gold to a brand name that offers a simple product with a special ingredient that is both delicious as well as a promotion of healthy living.  The following he’s gained on Facebook is proof positive of the good work he’s done.

This particular secret ingredient is called Ganoderma which has been named the “king of herbs” by Eastern medicine. Ganoderma is a fungus that grows on trees and has a wood-like texture. Though this fungus is earthy and natural, it has supernatural effects that relaxes as well as energizes anyone that consumes it.

Organo Gold has taken advantage of Ganoderma’s traits and has transformed it into a powdery texture through a natural process. Bernardo Chua is proud to say that Organo Gold is the only company in North America that currently has an Organic Ganoderma plantation that is cared for by experts of this fungus.  Bernardo Chua also points out that Organo Gold has extended into Turkey for the first time as well.

Ganoderma is transformed into a powdery texture that is added to all of the Organo Gold products that are consumed by delighted customers. Customers enjoy a cup of Organo Gold coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in the morning because they state that it relaxes and energizes them for the upcoming day.

Ganoderma was an ingredient that Mr. Chua decided to use for the purpose of promoting healthy living all around the world. Though this company is less than ten years old, Organo Gold has already expanded to be a company involved in over 35 different countries with millions of users. The mission of Organo Gold is to educate the world on the excellent properties of this product that will promote healthy and happy living. Organo Gold is a unique company not just due to the product, but also due to the fact that this company has opened its doors for anyone to become involved. Anyone can sell Organo Gold products as long as they themselves have a love for the product. Read more about Bernardo on his CrunchBase profile.

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