The State of Artificial Intelligence is Impressive

Artificial intelligence has arrived. AI has not arrived in the same form it takes in science-fiction movies. Neither benign nor nefarious entities have become “self-aware” and are interacting with humans on a personal basis. Artificial intelligence does exist in the programming of certain software to make the programs function more effectively.

AI currently exists in a scaled back version of the original, lofty concept. In an article in the Deccan Herald, the current state of artificial intelligence is examined. Modern-day artificial intelligence comes in the form of autocomplete functions or voice recognition programs. While mundane today, these were considered thoroughly amazing when they first arrived. Anyone who remember the internet 1.0 and 2.0 also recollects the very limited software and technology that exists.

The next impressive wave of innovative artificial intelligence programs is emerging in the form of product discovery software. Image recognition programs are slowly growing in the e-commerce realm.

Slyce may have been the company to really launch the entire visual search  recognition revolution. A basic smartphone app can be used to take images of retail merchandise and run the picture through corresponding retail websites. Many have referred to Slyce as a much better and more flexible version of Amazon’s Flow. A Fortune 500-ranked toy company opted to work with Slyce and has experienced tremendous revenue increases.

Slyce is also seeing its coffers fill. The company received well over $10 million in capital thanks to having raised a great deal of investment funding. Slyce is also expanding into a host of different business avenues thanks to acquisition of the coupon app SnipSnap. Slyce has a host of new apps and technology coming out in 2016. The success is all rooted in the growing popularity of visual search and image recognition software.

In five years or so, image recognition and artificial intelligence software should develop into something beyond even the most positive and imaginative of expectations. The current landscape of AI, while dealing with certain limitations, is still incredibly impressive.

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