How White Shark Media Has Used Its Complaints To Improve

Experts believe that it’s not the compliments that make a company but the complaints that they receive. A lot of companies might choose to brush past their complaints but those that actually sit down and take note of their customer’s problems get success in both short and long term. White Shark Media is a testament to this fact. Here is how White Shark Media has used the top complaints from its customers to turn the business around –

Helping Customers With Their Adwords Campaign – One common complaint from many small business clients of White Shark Media was that they were finding it difficult to keep in touch with their campaigns. Addressing this situation, White Shark Media made sure that every client was made aware of the tiniest details regarding their campaign and also made the reporting systems stronger.

Improving Communication With Scheduled Monthly Calls and Direct Calls – Previously, clients had to go through the reception desk in order to reach their contact person and there was a lot of dissatisfaction regarding their communication system. To improve this, White Shark Media has now adopted an online conferencing app called “GoToMeeting” for monthly calls. Plus, direct extensions have allowed customers to reach their contact person directly.

Making Campaign Management Better – Most AdWords agencies hear complaints about new campaigns not doing better than old ones. To ensure customers are satisfied, the existing campaigns that are doing well are used by White Shark Media to improve upon all the other campaigns. Also, all the campaigns are supervised by an experienced professional for better campaign management.

Reviewing SEO Vendors – This feature is more of an additional service than work on a complaint because clients of White Shark Media rue the fact that SEO services aren’t offered by the company. To ensure that their clients pick the right SEO expert, White Shark Media will review the SEO proposals that clients receive. All clients need to do is contact their SEM strategist who, in turn, will review the material with the sr. staff.

Ensuring Contact Person Is What Clients Need – While clients sign up with a guy who explains everything to them in detail and raises their hopes, they are often tied up with a contact person who simply doesn’t understand what they want. To rectify this situation, White Shark Media’s Sr. SEM consultant would stay on till the optimization process.

Offering Options For Campaign Accounts – New clients’ campaigns were previously started on new accounts to ensure that they began from scratch. A lot of clients did not like this and so, White Shark Media has now offered clients the option of sticking to their own account (if it is performing well) or switching to the new account.

Other changes include offering call tracking service to clients and offering a better way to track KW performance.

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