Month: February 2016

Dondero’s Top Ten Holdings

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James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management filed its 13F in 2016. A hedge fund portfolio. The Hedge Fund portfolio was $3.42bn. This represented a decrease of 1.49bn. This represents around 22.73%of the assets under management. This doesn’t account for short exposure or net exposure. New positions included Spdr S&P 500 ETC Tr for $67.07 million, Amazon…

Sergio Cortes And His Life As MJ

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Sergio Cortes did an interview with NoticiasR7. Cortes is a man that is very well know because he is an amazing Micheal Jackson impersonator. Cortes spoke about his career as a Michael Jackson impersonator and also about how he came into the career when he was just a young boy. Cortes was originally born in…

Alexei Beltyukov’s Mission To Improve Education

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Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist. Beltyukov formed Endemic Capital in 2013 as a resource to provide financial help for Russian start up companies. Beltyukov has also formed a number of different organizations designed to help Russians that are looking to start their own businesses, or are looking to attend business school. Beltyukov…

Brad Reifler Offers Investing Advice for 99 Percenters

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Ninety-nine percent of Americans are prohibited from investing in hedge funds, commodity funds and public funds because they do not meet the thirty-two year old Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules of net worth and income guidelines. These funds are left for accredited investors who are persons with an individual income of over $200,000 or…

Brian Torchin Shares His Thoughts on Whether Or Not You Should Join A Staffing Agency

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No matter what field you work in, there will come a time when you find it difficult to gain employment. When these situations arise, you can’t take the business as usual approach. This is a time when you have to think outside the box. By think outside the box we mean consider using a staffing…

Solo Capital And The Other Sanjay Shah Projects

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Solo Capital is an investment firm that was founded by Sanjay Shah in 2011. The firm primarily focuses on 3 areas with clients: proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports investments. Within each of these 3 areas are further specializations and services that the firm and its employees offer to their clients. In the professional sports…

Real Estate Predictions in New York

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There are a lot of things you need to know if you are going to be looking at a home in New York. You may wonder what the market is going to look like and if it’s better to buy or rent. There are some factors to consider when looking at the market. Higher Interest…

Highland Capital Management: A Third Quarter Of Change

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In early February, Highland Capital Management filed their 13F for the third quarter of 2015. Octa Finance looked up the filing to analyze what had happened at Highland Capital during their third quarter. The article said that the fund sold out of several stocks. They got rid of their stocks in Laboratory Corp Amer Hldgs,…

Gold for A Failing Economy Says Soros and Diehl

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During a recent podcast with host Eric Dye, the President of the U.S. Money reserve took the time to explain all about the reserve and gold market. Phillip Diehl, President of the Money Reserve, has a long history of working around gold coins, minting coins, and selling gold. He has a very impressive resume as…

Visual search and the Online Shopping Phenomenon

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Before diving into the article recap from, its important to understand the type of technology we are talking about. Slyce is the main technology that does image recognition for retailers and E-tailers. This technology uses image recognition and allows for consumers to find products they like just by snapping a picture of it when…

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