Handy Workers Came To Clean Up My Kid’s Mess

I only left my kids alone in the kitchen for 15 minutes while I was on an important business phone call. When I came back into the kitchen, the whole floor was covered with cereal, and some of the cereal had even gotten into the living room area as well. I walked around the room to see cereal in the couches, and there was even chocolate on the wall because one of the kids had gotten into the chocolate sauce. My children are five and seven years old, and not only do they know better but the kids are even able to clean up after themselves to a certain degree.

I had to go to work and take the kids to school, so I didn’t have time to get the mess cleaned. I needed to get cleaners out to my home as soon as possible to get the job done. I’ve always relied on Handy when it comes to cleaning my home, but this was something that was an extreme mess, and I was wondering if it’s something that they could handle. I made an appointment for Handy to come out the very next day, but I was very skeptical about what the results would be because of the size of the mess.

The Handy workers came out after I had dropped the kids off at school, and I let them know exactly what happened and what I needed them to do. I asked them to vacuum the floor in the living room, sweep the floor in the kitchen, wipe the walls, and clean the couches. I felt a bit guilty for leaving the mess overnight, but I was just too overwhelmed with work and the kids, and we ate out at a restaurant anyways. Also, the kids were punished for what they did and were not allowed to go outside that weekend.

All I can say is that Handy’s workers performed a miracle in my home, and after looking over their work, I couldn’t find one crumb on the floor from the cereal, and the wall no longer had chocolate on it or any sticky residue. The workers did a great job as well as doing it quickly, so I chose to give them a tip because I always believe in tipping good workers. Handy has saved me several times in the past, but this time, they really came through when I needed them the most. Follow Handy on Facebook and Twitter!

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