Koch brothers committed to deal with poverty and education quality issues

Koch Family is an American family, business people, industrialists, and philanthropists. They are recognized for their role in the political activities in the United States and hey own and control the Koch industries. Koch brothers who include Charles Koch and David Koch, have been involved in philanthropic activities for a couple of times. For instance, the Koch’s fund and treatments have funded $25 million to Houston’s M.D. to treat genitourinary malignancies, $100 million has been donated to the new ambulatory care center at New York Presbyterian Hospital and $100 million has been given to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Cancer research.

Recently, Koch brothers have started a non-profit organization to address deep-seated social ills in the American society such as poverty and educational quality. The new Non-Profit Organization is referred to as “Stand Together”. By the end of the end year, it aims to raise a total of $15 million according to its top officials and the funds collected will be channeled towards strengthening a united people of American society as well as helping them deal with the most pressing problems they may have.

The aim of the group according to the organizers is to focus on partners and like-minded people who want to address social issues. The launch of Stand Together had come at a time when Koch brothers donated millions of dollars to charity programs for the poor and medical schemes. Koch aides have been working with the group for more than half a year, but it is the first time the group will go public.

Quite significant is that Koch brothers intend to work with Bob Woodson, who is the president and CEO pf the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise and a black conservative. He was formerly working on the Bush’s administration on faith-based initiatives and is known to have traveled with Paul Ryan to see the poor neighborhoods, provide support and start a new “battle plan” to eliminate poverty.

Feinberg, the group’s executive director, started his role in the last June. He has expressed satisfaction and commitment that Stand Together will improve the infrastructure support through grant making. Some of the grants will involve underwriting private schools’ scholarships to help the struggling schools apart from providing accounting, IT and human resource support to other NPO groups. One of the prominent people who have applauded their work include Woodson, who is a civil rights veteran.

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