Visual search and the Online Shopping Phenomenon

Before diving into the article recap from, its important to understand the type of technology we are talking about. Slyce is the main technology that does image recognition for retailers and E-tailers. This technology uses image recognition and allows for consumers to find products they like just by snapping a picture of it when they see it. When someone sees an article of clothing they absolutely can’t live without, they can snap a photo of it, and the imaging recognition technology will be able to match the style and product. From there, the person will be lead directly to the product and can shop for it.

Retail companies are able to use Slyce in order to help their businesses grow and help people to find them and their products easier. The scanner system can scan barcodes, coupons, QR codes, and instant pictures. Businesses will be able to connect better and faster with their customers. Consumers can take photos of the barcodes or even a billboard with the item that they like. The results are sent to the consumer’s phone within 1-5 seconds so they can begin shopping.

According to Live Mint’s article, this technology is also helping consumers with better online shopping recommendations. Instead of having to randomly searching for clothes they like that aren’t even in their size, they can use this technology to find items that are more similar to what they are looking for. These visual search companies will help retailers to connect users to the products they want online. Start-up visual search companies have been doing very well in India and are continuing to grow as the demand rises.

Ram Prakash is a learning scientist who developed Quillpad, which involves using language input, and is now working on Stylumia. Stylumia will be used only for fashion but will use the same technology as Quillpad. He and his team hope to be able to create a technology that will be able to use natural images and videos to take fashion from.

This start-up wants to be able to make better recommendations for shoppers who are browsing certain items, as well as give suggestions to retailers on what products to make based on the data from the consumers’ purchases. Fashion companies will be able to look at which of their products are doing well and why. Right now they don’t have a way for all the data to be seen together, and that’s a problem Prakash is trying to fix.

Stylume is planning on a launch in April. Right now they do have partnerships with some retailers and currently have engineers inputting all the data. They hope at some point that the input of data will become an automatic process. As of now, companies will have to plan several months in advance in order to be able to use this technology.

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