Gold for A Failing Economy Says Soros and Diehl

During a recent podcast with host Eric Dye, the President of the U.S. Money reserve took the time to explain all about the reserve and gold market. Phillip Diehl, President of the Money Reserve, has a long history of working around gold coins, minting coins, and selling gold. He has a very impressive resume as well.

Phillip Diehl was nominated to serve during the Clinton administration. President Bill Clinton along with congress felt they needed something exciting to come from the Mint to represent the 50 states. After the nomination of Phillip Diehl, 35th Director of the Mint, the line of quarters came into existence. He and Clinton were instrumental in creating something people could get excited about collecting. Every state in the United States has its own design of a quarter. Each state quarter represents the state with information representing that particular state.

More than any other mint in the world, the U.S. Money Reserve and President Diehl, are making a name for themselves. The Reserve is trading with countries all over the world, including Antarctica. The Reserve is better than other mints and promises to provide the best in customer service. The Reserve has been working on their customer service for the past few years, with at least a 6-year commitment to improving everything from the front office to the storage building.

During a radio interview, Dye asked about gold and why it is believed a good investment for the future. President Diehl went to explain how the mint coins are superior to any other coins or gold bars around. The bars that are out there are sometimes counterfeit. Other times these gold and silver bars are less than quality. People all over the world are collecting and saving gold from the reserve and mint. 65% of the Gold demand is coming from countries such as India and China. The reason behind the big increases in gold purchases is that Gold is going to continue to increase in value where the dollar bill will go down in value. George Soros believes highly in his opinions for the economy and the global economy. This is why most people are searching for good investments as a way of saving for their retirement.

In times of the old west, gold was showing up in small numbers. The settlers and gold strikers spent many hours out in the hot, dusty, mountains and valleys, searching for gold. Hoping to strike it rich, they lived and died for the gold. Now, we are hoping to get some of the wonderful gold and other precious metals to ensure our future.

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