Solo Capital And The Other Sanjay Shah Projects

Solo Capital is an investment firm that was founded by Sanjay Shah in 2011. The firm primarily focuses on 3 areas with clients: proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports investments. Within each of these 3 areas are further specializations and services that the firm and its employees offer to their clients. In the professional sports investments division are services such as asset and performance management, commercial advisory and representation and talent acquisition. Within the consulting division are services such as investment, performance and human capital. In the proprietary trading division are services like FX, commodities and derivatives.

The firm as seen incredible growth in the five years that it has been around. In the beginning, the firm only had Sanjay Shah and several traders and graduates. It is now a firm with more than 100 employees and 35 traders. The firm has also seen significant growth in their cash flow, assets and net worth, which are 30 million pounds, 67 million pounds and 15 million pounds respectively. Solo Capital is also known as Solo Capital Markets, Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. It has offices in both London and Dubai, where Shah and his family reside. The firm is controlled by Shah’s Solo Group Holdings, which is controlled by Shah’s Aesa S.a.r.l.

Solo Capital is not Shah’s only project. He also has more than 30 other companies that he owns. Shah has companies in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, the British Virgin Island, Malta and Luxembourg.

Prior to founding Solo Capital, Shah worked for KPMG and several investment banks, including ING, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Rabobank and Credit Suisse. The reason he ended up starting Solo Capital is due to the fact that he was let go from Rabobank when the recession hit in 2009. Shah had no desire to search for another job because he was tired of the commute and he was tired of the hours. Due to the success of Solo Capital, Shah has decided to take a step back and not oversee the firm on a daily basis. His estimated worth is 280 million dollars.

Shah also has two other projects that he is working on. These projects are closer to his heart and are not as much about the money. Shah founded a charity, Autism Rocks, to help raise money for autism research. He has already raised several hundred thousand dollars.

Shah also partnered with a Dubai based promotional firm to create an annual jazz festival. The first year that the jazz festival happened, they broke even, several thousand people were in attendance and there were performances by Joss Stone and others.

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