Sergio Cortes And His Life As MJ

Sergio Cortes did an interview with NoticiasR7. Cortes is a man that is very well know because he is an amazing Micheal Jackson impersonator. Cortes spoke about his career as a Michael Jackson impersonator and also about how he came into the career when he was just a young boy. Cortes was originally born in Spain, and he was raised by his mother. As a young boy he loved to watch the Jackson Five on television. Cortes’ mother would watch him do Michael Jackson’s moves and she would tell him that he looks just like him. Cortes feels like impersonating Michael Jackson is not only his career, but it is also his privilege.
When Cortes started to pay attention to the the little details about Michael Jackson, he would watch things such as how he danced, the way he carried himself, and also how he looked. When his mother told him that he could impersonate Micheal Jackson, that was the moment that he knew what he wanted to do. When Cortes was a teenager he was invited to dress like Michael Jackson for an event. Fans of MJ would stand around him and take pictures. At that time Sergio Cortes turned his passion for impersonating Michael Jackson into his career. Cortes began to receive invitations to perform as the American idol on different programs in many different countries.

Many of Jackson’s fans have said that the similarity between Cortes and Jackson is uncanny. Cortes has over 16,000 fans on his Facebook page and he does performances all around the world. Cortes admits that it was a very difficult blow to him when his icon passed away in 2009, but he also mentioned that his performances have been able to help fans of MJ to get over the pain of the loss of Michael Jackson.

You can follow him on Twitter.

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