Handy’s Platform Connects Individuals with Top-Quality Household Services

Handy, originally known as Handybook, is a digital platform that allows people to easily contact and hire contractors such as cleaners and craftsmen at relatively low prices. Founded in 2012 as Handybook, the company first offered its services in New York and Boston. The company changed its name to Handy in September 2014, and has since expanded to operate in dozens of cities across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Handy has also enlisted over 10,000 unique contractors as part of its network and currently employs a staff of over 160 individuals across all of its locations. In the summer of last year, Handy achieved a milestone of over 1 million bookings, bookings that are made up of nearly 80 percent repeat customers today.

Handy works by simplifying the process for both customers and providers. Customers do not need to background check the cleaners, nor do they have to worry about searching for one. After selecting a time and date, customers need only pay for the service and then Handy’s technology takes care of the rest by automatically assigning a contractor to the customer and allowing them to contact one another to ensure a satisfactory experience and completion of the service. Handy providers need to apply to be vetted, and once accepted can begin taking on jobs. Handy offers supplemental income and removes the need for contractors to source all of their work by using the company’s network. Professionals usually earn 18 dollars per hour on average and have the freedom to choose their hours and how frequently they work.

Handy steadily grows as people become increasingly more comfortable with the idea of hiring contractors for services through their phones. With comprehensive background checks on all providers on a national level as well as a thorough boarding process, consumers can hire the services of a contractor through Handy with peace of mind.

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